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Our First Customer Review

Dear Amanda and Folks at Infinite Abilities, We are soon entering our sixth month after my husbands Scott's accident. This event left our family in a truly " upside down" world. Scott is adjusting to live without the complete use of his arms and legs. Together we have faced many challenges and so many wonderful people have come forth to help. The very first of these was Amanda from Infinite Abilities. Her help has taken many forms. Initially she was my flashlight as I moved in a dark tunnel of decisions and unknowns. 

Then she and IA stepped in and took care of constructing a beautiful ramp for Scott, all while we were away in the hospital. During that time she was also shoulder and a rock for our family, especially for me. Every company has a director or president. I don't know where she actually fits, but I would bet she's the heart of Infinite Abilities. We are so thankful for all those who made the ramp possible. It makes a difference for Scott and for our family. Our pups even love running up and down it like a race track! I look at it every day and see love for strangers, sacrifice , and the hope that there is so much good out in the world!! They are an example of service.  

Thank you Amanda and Infinite Abilities ~ Scott and Claudia Weathers 

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